The Easter Egg Hunt 2024 Solutions

As every year, we're ready to unveil the solutions for the Egg Hunt!

Congratulations to those who managed to crack all our discount codes!

Here are this year's riddles: The first clue was the shoes used by the Olympic athlete Jakob Schubert: naturally, they are the Solutions by La Sportiva! On the Solution product page, at the bottom of the description, you found the second discount code and the second riddle:



The smallest crash pad of all is Snap's Plaster, a sit start to always have with you for starting with clean shoes! Snap's Plaster unlocked another clue: it's about the most famous Italian dish after pizza and a chalk that will make you hungry!



It's the unmistakable liquid chalk from Spaghetti Boulder: you can be sure you won't confuse this with the others when climbing at the gym!




The next clue suggested we look among the products specifically for cleaning the rope: The Golden Rock Rope Brush is the brush that allows you to prolong the lifespan of the rope and get a substantial discount code!



We felt like getting a ticket for the upcoming Paris event: Who knows if besides finding the boarding pass to embark and attend the 2024 Olympics, you might also get to do some bouldering in Fontainebleau!



Thanks for playing along with us again this year! See you next year!